Hon Rob Johnson JP MLA

Hon Rob Johnson JP MLA

Former Minister for Police; Road Safety

7,000 criminals nabbed in summer crime operation

14/05/2012 12:00 AM
  • Police blitz reverses historical summer crime trend by 2.7 per cent
  • $3million strategy nets more than $3.1million in criminal assets
  • Drugs, guns and weapons taken off the streets

Western Australia Police have arrested and summonsed more than 7,000 offenders and seized drugs, weapons, cash and stolen property in a crime crackdown last summer.


Police Minister Rob Johnson said the State Government and WA Police launched the $3million Summer Crime Reduction Strategy in December to combat an expected rise in offences such as burglary and theft during the busy months to April.


Mr Johnson said last November, WA had recorded an increase in reported crime of 8.3 per cent on the previous year but the sustained police effort had driven that figure down to 5.6 per cent.


“Although reported crime is still below the five year average, we were keen to target what historically has become a time of increased crime, anti-social behaviour and requests for police assistance,” he said.


“The funding boost provided an extra 43,000 policing hours, allowing police officers to saturate the suburbs, raid hundreds of properties and dedicate time and effort to specific crime types.


“The police blitz brings the number of offenders arrested to 28,013, almost 2,000 more arrests than in the same period last year.


“Police were able to target and disrupt the activities of mid-level drug dealers and conduct more than 300 drug searches, resulting in the seizure of more than $3.1million in cash and assets.”


The summer crime crackdown comprised six operations targeting drug dealers and manufacturers, pawn brokers and second-hand dealers, property crime, graffiti and anti-social behaviour, resulting in:

  • 3,350 arrests
  • 9,759 charges
  • 3,696 summonses
  • 410 move-on notices
  • 29 improvised drug manufacture sites (IDMS) being uncovered and dismantled

“Disturbingly, a number of the improvised drug manufacture sites raided by police were actively processing and worse still, children were present at seven of the 29 properties,” Mr Johnson said.


Among the drug arrests, was a man allegedly supplying up to 30 people with methylamphetamine every few days and another found in possession of MDMA powder, a pill press and firearms.


Other police targets included pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers in Perth who were all audited, with 12 receiving infringements and 11 being cautioned.


      Fact File

  • Operations Safe Place, Railsafe and Sieve (anti-social behaviour and violence in public places) were also run at the same time to complement the Summer Crime Reduction Strategy
  • New laws that came into effect in March this year introduced minimum mandatory jail terms for adults who manufacture, cultivate or prepare illicit drugs that expose or cause harm to a child
  • Full list of operational results attached

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