Hon Simon O'Brien MLC

Hon Simon O'Brien MLC

Former Minister for Finance; Commerce; Small Business

    WA youth unemployment rate falls

    8/03/2012 12:00 AM
    • WA’s youth unemployment shows big improvement
    • Overall State employment remains steady
    Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien today welcomed Western Australia’s big fall in youth unemployment since February, compared to the national rate.

    “WA’s youth unemployment fell from 23.3 per cent to 18.9 per cent between January and February, while Australia-wide, youth unemployment remained very high at 26.4 per cent,” Mr O’Brien said.

    “If you are looking for a job, WA is the best place to be.”

    Seasonal factors such as the take-up of high school and university graduates finding work between January and February affected the WA figures.

    “It should be remembered these particular figures fluctuate significantly month to month.  However, the contrast between our State youth employment and the national rate demonstrates how well WA’s economy is being managed,” the Minister said.

    The State’s overall unemployment rate remained steady at 4.1 per cent in trend terms - the lowest in Australia.

          Fact File
    • ABS monthly employment figures show WA’s employment rate remained steady at 4.1 per cent, while national employment rate is 5.2 per cent
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