Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA

Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA

Former Minister for State Development; Transport; Innovation

Hon Simon O'Brien MLC

Hon Simon O'Brien MLC

Former Minister for Finance; Commerce; Small Business

    Red tape reduction for small businesses

    21/02/2012 12:00 AM
    • Environmental Protection Regulations amended to reduce regulatory red tape
    • Small businesses no longer need to register under Schedule 2
    Small businesses have been freed from another layer of red tape following the State Government’s decision to amend the Environmental Protection Regulations.

    Environment Minister Bill Marmion said the removal of Schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulations meant small businesses not considered to pose a significant risk to the environment would not be required to hold a registration and pay a fee of $624.

    “Small businesses, ranging from small abattoirs through to food curing activities and small plastics manufacturers, will no longer face the risk of being fined up to $25,000 for failing to register with the Department of Environment and Conservation,” Mr Marmion said.

    “The initiative will reduce duplication and unnecessary regulation, while maintaining high environmental protection standards.”

    Business is already regulated by the Environmental Protection Act and relevant regulations, so the removal of Schedule 2 will not change the effectiveness of environmental controls applying to small businesses.

    Small Business Minister Simon O’Brien said the removal of extra red tape was part of the Government’s commitment to reduce financial and regulatory burdens on small businesses.

    “There are currently more than 500 small businesses subject to Schedule 2 regulations and it’s important that we support this sector by reducing any cost pressures and unnecessary red tape,” Mr O’Brien said.

    “Better administrative efficiency in Government and improved technology are enabling a more streamlined way in which Government and businesses interact, which reduces cost, saves time and makes some regulatory processes redundant.

    “Following extensive consultation with industry groups, relevant agencies and businesses, the response to this amendment has been overwhelmingly positive as there will be no negative impact on business, consumers, the economy or environmental outcomes.”

          Fact File
    • Sectors subject to Schedule 2 regulations are small abattoirs (4), smoking, drying and curing (1), fibreglass reinforced plastic manufacture (41), drinking water treatment facilities (98) and abrasive blasting (389)
    • Amendment will be gazetted and implemented in coming months
    Environment Minister’s office - 9220 5000
    Small Business Minister’s office - 9213 6400