Hon Rob Johnson JP MLA

Hon Rob Johnson JP MLA

Former Minister for Police; Road Safety

    $3m police blitz to reduce crime

    20/12/2011 12:00 AM
    • $3million boost to fight crime across WA
    • 36,000 additional policing hours over next four months
    Drug dealers, burglars, car thiefs, graffiti vandals and anti-social thugs will be the target of an intense police blitz across Western Australia this summer in a bid to further drive down the crime rate.

    Police Minister Rob Johnson said the State Government and WA Police had developed a $3million package for an extra 36,000 policing hours - the equivalent of 20 full-time police officers working the whole year.

    Mr Johnson said reported crime this financial year was 2.9 per cent below the five-year average and the Government was determined to drive the crime rate down even further.

    “Historically, there has been an increase in crime, anti-social behaviour and requests for police assistance over the summer period,” he said.

    “This extra funding will allow WA Police to implement proactive measures to prevent crimes such as burglaries, motor vehicle theft and theft from occurring.

    “In particular, police will be targeting the significant number of arrest warrants across the State, many of which are for volume crime offenders.

    “In addition, police will be concentrating on liquor and entertainment venues to reduce the incidents of assaults and anti-social behaviour.”

    The $3million strategy will involve the following targeted operations in metro and regional WA:

    • Property crime
    • Drug dealers
    • Improvised Drug Manufacture (Clan Labs)
    • Clearance of case files
    • Graffiti
    • Anti-social behaviour and violence in public places
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    • Summer Crime Reduction Strategy to run from now until end of April 2012
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