Hon Norman Moore BA DipEd JP MLC

Hon Norman Moore BA DipEd JP MLC

Former Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Fisheries; Electoral Affairs

    WA fisheries gets top report card

    19/10/2011 12:00 AM
    • Scientific monitoring research and assessment shows healthy fisheries
    • WA has world-leading initiative with ecosystem-based fisheries management
    The annual status report on Western Australia’s fisheries and aquatic resources shows the State’s marine environment is well managed and healthy.

    Fisheries Minister Norman Moore said the latest State of the Fisheries 2011 Report showed the State Government’s management approach had been successful.

    “The report contains detailed analysis of current fish stocks, plus their associated habitats and ecosystems being managed by the Department of Fisheries,” Mr Moore said.

    “Given the comprehensive systems of fisheries management that are in place, fishing in WA generally does not present an unacceptable risk to fish stocks or to the marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems underpinning them.

    “Notably, the fishing methods that may affect the habitat (for example trawling) are highly regulated with more than 90 per cent of coastline protected from these types of activities.

    These activities are permitted under carefully managed conditions to protect the environment and ensure the sustainable supply of fresh fish to the public.

    “WA is one of the first fisheries jurisdictions in the world to implement a management framework to consider all ecological resources and community values within various bioregions to determine what requires direct management intervention, so this is a very pleasing result.”

    The Minister said the report also showed that the majority of the State’s significant fish stocks continued to be in a healthy condition.

    “About 94 per cent of fisheries are targeting stocks where no additional management is required, to either maintain or reach acceptable egg production or breeding stock levels. In addition, 94 per cent of managed fisheries have catches considered to be appropriate based on the status of the stocks and the current environmental conditions,” he said.

    “For example, the new management arrangements for West Coast Demersal Scalefish (including snapper and dhufish) have been successful in reducing the catch levels of these species by 50 per cent, which was required to ensure long term sustainability.”

    Mr Moore said the report showed the overwhelming majority of WA’s fisheries had also been assessed as posing only negligible or minor risks to bycatch species, protected species, habitats or the broader ecosystem. 

    The Department of Fisheries also has a positive record of collaboration with industry and stakeholder groups and other science-based institutions.
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