Hon Christian Porter BA(Hons) BEc LLB(UWA) MSc(Dist)(LSE) MLA

Hon Christian Porter BA(Hons) BEc LLB(UWA) MSc(Dist)(LSE) MLA

Former Treasurer; Attorney General

    More than half of West Australians worse off under Carbon Tax

    21/08/2011 12:00 AM
    More than 50 per cent of Western Australian households will be worse off under the Federal Labor Government’s proposed Carbon Tax scheme.

    Analysis by the WA Department of Treasury has shown 419,000 WA households will not be compensated enough to meet the impact of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Carbon Tax scheme despite being hit with at least $144 more in household bills when the tax is introduced next year.

    Treasurer Christian Porter said the average household should expect to pay an extra $111 in electricity charges, $19.50 in public transport fares and $13.25 in water charges in the first year of the tax.

    “What is particularly offensive about Federal Labor’s Carbon Tax is that it won’t even make a two per cent dent in Australia’s carbon emissions until 2050,” Mr Porter said.

    “That equates to just 0.03 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions - blink and you might miss it.

    “At the same time, nearly $57billion worth of Australians’ money will flow to other countries by 2050 to buy their carbon credits.”

    The Treasurer said the $144 average increase in household bills next year would be the tip of the iceberg and that the Prime Minister’s promise that ‘two out of three households would be compensated enough to cover their entire average price impact’ was a lie.

    “Families should expect to pay higher electricity, water and public transport fees every year under this tax,” he said.

    “Any child born next year will be 38-years-old, probably with children of his or her own in primary school, before we even see a two per cent change in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions under the Carbon Tax.  And that’s only if everything goes according to Julia Gillard’s plan.”

    Mr Porter said because the average income in WA was higher than in other States, West Australians would once again be penalised for their success.

    “Not only will 52 per cent of WA households be worse off but the Federal Labor Carbon Tax will impede our ability to grow and succeed as a State through another new tax on the key industries that have driven our nation through the global financial crisis,” he said.

    “It is economic vandalism to further penalise the very industries that are steering Australia clear of the global financial crisis and ensuring our people have jobs and security when other economies around the world are going bust.”

    The Treasurer said WA families were already bearing the pain of increased electricity costs due to State Labor’s incompetency at managing State finances for eight years, now they were being asked to bear the pain of Federal Labor’s lies on a Carbon Tax.

    “Essentially every West Australian is being asked to pay even more increases in tariffs over 38 years to safeguard Bob Brown’s support for Julia Gillard at the next election,” he said.

    “We all have a right to know - where does Eric Ripper stand on this now?

    “Where does State Labor stand on a tax that will see more than 50 per cent of WA households worse off and the State’s economic stronghold jeopardised - to make just a 0.03 per cent impact on global emissions in 2050?”

    The WA Treasury Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of the Proposed Carbon Tax on WA can be found at http://www.treasury.wa.gov.au

    Treasurer's office - 9222 8800