Hon Graham Jacobs MBBS FRACGP MLA

Hon Graham Jacobs MBBS FRACGP MLA

Former Minister for Water; Mental Health

    New water trading website brought forward

    18/11/2010 12:00 AM

    Water Minister Graham Jacobs today announced changes to the State Government’s water trading policy and encouraged licensed water users who do not have enough water, to use its new on-line register for options to manage the dry season.


    The Government and Department of Water had brought forward the launch of its policy and on-line register to assist the State’s industry sectors cope with having enough water resources in the coming dry season.


    “Trades of water are one way industry groups will be able to continue to operate effectively during the current situation,” Dr Jacobs said.


    The Minister said the impact of a lack of rainfall in the southern half of the State was being particularly felt by irrigators.


    Dr Jacobs said the Government was doing its best to support businesses needing water.


    “We have changed the policy so people can trade their unused entitlements with approval from the department,” he said.


    “With the assistance of the department’s on-line register, people needing water will be able to find out what resources are available in their area and, under the policy, start negotiations with other entitlement holders.


    “An example is one grower might decide not to pursue a crop because their available water would not make planting viable, but a nearby farmer could use that water to make their crop viable.”


    The Minister said the department was actively working with all user groups to achieve the best possible outcomes in the current conditions.


    “While there are trading conditions that need to be met, and assessments made including environmental impacts, trades are one way to help ensure available water is used in the best possible manner,” he said.


    The register and policy can be found at http://www.water.wa.gov.au or by phoning 6364 7600.


    Minister's office - 9213 6900