Hon Graham Jacobs MBBS FRACGP MLA

Hon Graham Jacobs MBBS FRACGP MLA

Former Minister for Water; Mental Health

    Minister opens new waterwise development

    27/11/2010 12:00 AM

    A new village development south of Perth will achieve significant water savings with innovative reuse of wastewater outside the homes.


    Opening the National Lifestyle Village Tuart Lakes on Old Mandurah Road, Baldivis, Water Minister Graham Jacobs said the use of fit-for-purpose water would significantly reduce dependence on drinking water to keep gardens green.


    The village’s wastewater will be treated at an onsite wastewater treatment plant and recycled for garden irrigation. 


    In addition to the Water Corporation’s potable water services, the proposed sewerage and non-potable water services are to be operated by an independent water service provider, Moama Lifestyle Villages Pty Ltd.


    The licence to operate the sewerage and non-potable water services was granted by the Economic Regulation Authority to enable Moama to supply these services to future residents of the Tuart Lakes village.


    “The presence of another service provider providing sewerage and non-drinking water supply in the metropolitan area is significant,” Dr Jacobs said. 


    “This provides competition in the water services area.


    “By the reuse of treated wastewater through a third pipe system, Tuart Lakes provides a great example of how significant water savings can be achieved.


    “In the face of Western Australia’s drying climate, the State Government encourages diversity in water service provision.


    “I am pleased to say the extensive and complex process developers such as National Lifestyle Villages have had to follow to implement non-drinking water schemes is being simplified.


    “I recently launched the Government’s ‘Draft approval framework for the use of non-drinking water in Western Australia’, which will deliver a much easier approval process for future proponents to establish non-drinking water schemes. 


    “Non-drinking water sources can be treated to a level suitable for uses such as irrigating gardens and public parks, and for in-house uses such as toilet flushing.  In this way, these sources provide suitable, fit-for-purpose water which offsets the use of highly-treated drinking water.”


    A number of agencies are involved in the regulation of non-drinking water schemes, including the departments of Health; Environment and Conservation; Water; and Planning.


    Until now, proponents had to approach each government agency individually for advice on approval requirements, leading to often confusing and sometimes conflicting advice.


    The department’s Water Recycling and Efficiency Branch will now take the lead to assist proponents through their approval requirements. 


    The framework covers the use of wastewater, stormwater, greywater, rainwater and groundwater through storage and delivery systems such as managed aquifer recharge and third pipe schemes. 


    Copies of the draft approval framework can be downloaded at http://www.water.wa.gov.au/Managing+our+water/Water+recycling/default.aspx

    Minister's office - 9213 6900