Hon Rob Johnson JP MLA

Hon Rob Johnson JP MLA

Former Minister for Police; Road Safety

    Minister accepts majority of stop and search committee's recommendations

    9/11/2010 12:00 AM

    Police Minister Rob Johnson today announced that he had accepted the majority of recommendations contained in the Legislative Council Legislation Committee’s report on the Criminal Investigation Amendment Bill 2009 (Stop and Search).


    Mr Johnson said following a thorough review of the committee’s report, 36 recommendations had been accepted either in full or with some modification.


    The Minister said these recommendations would still allow the Bill to achieve its intended outcome. 


    “Where I felt it was appropriate, I have accepted the recommendation or a slight variation of the recommendation,” he said.


    “Issues such as size of prescribed or declared area; supervision of operations; time period of prescribed or declared operation; notification of declaration; and reviewing and reporting of operations are all recommendations that can be accommodated and for the most part were the intended method of operation.” 


    Mr Johnson said although he and the Police Commissioner had repeatedly explained the intention of the Bill and how police would enforce the legislation, continued campaigns of misinformation had created a situation where some people were unsure of what the Bill was actually trying to achieve and how the law would be applied. 


    “With this in mind, I believe that several of the committee’s recommendations, while not actually altering the intent of the Bill, are particularly useful as they will give a greater degree of clarity to it,” he said.


    The Minister said he had not accepted some recommendations as they did not keep the intent of the Bill and would have rendered it almost useless.


    These included the request to exempt children under 18 and to have special considerations for children and young people, mentally disabled people, and people with cultural dress.  All these issues were already addressed in normal police training and operational procedures.


    Mr Johnson said it remained the Government’s intention to pass the legislation through State Parliament by the end of the year.


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