Hon Donna Faragher MEd (Hons) BA (Hons) GradDipEd JP MLC

Hon Donna Faragher MEd (Hons) BA (Hons) GradDipEd JP MLC

Former Minister for Planning; Disability Services

    Hefty fines for illegal dumping approved by State Parliament

    18/11/2010 12:00 AM

    Tough new penalties for illegal dumping of waste in Western Australia were passed by State Parliament this week.


    Environment Minister Donna Faragher said the Environmental Protection Amendment Bill 2010 would have a significant impact on illegal dumping.


    A major objective of the new law is to prevent the dumping of trailer-loads of waste in nature reserves, State forests and other publicly-accessible areas on the outskirts of cities and towns,” Mrs Faragher said.


    Anyone who illegally dumps waste will face hefty fines of up to $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations, providing a very significant deterrent against dumping, and encouraging waste minimisation and recycling.”


    The Minister said fines for dumping were previously limited to a maximum of $1,000 under the Litter Act, for minor littering and bill posting.


    “The penalties under the Litter Act will still apply to actions that involve the depositing of very small quantities of non-harmful material, such as dropping food wrapping or papers,” she said.


    “However, under the amendments to the Environmental Protection Act, serious acts of illegal dumping, including small quantities of materials that pose an environmental hazard or large quantities of innocuous materials, will be penalised accordingly.”


    The new rules will come into effect early next year.


    Illegal dumping of waste is not only detrimental to the health of our environment but also poses a threat to public safety.  The State Government will not tolerate illegal dumping and is taking the necessary action to combat it,” Mrs Faragher said.


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