Hon Terry Waldron MLA

Hon Terry Waldron MLA

Former Minister for Sport and Recreation; Racing and Gaming

    Brides to be free to enjoy drink in limousine

    21/03/2010 12:00 AM

    An amendment to the Liquor Control Act 1988 will mean that people enjoying a glass of BYO wine or beer while being chauffeured in a limousine will no longer be in breach of street drinking laws.


    Racing and Gaming Minister Terry Waldron said the current law meant that small chartered vehicle (SCV) owners who did not hold a liquor licence could not allow their passengers to consume alcohol in the vehicle.


    “Currently, this is considered street drinking as the law only allows passengers travelling in liquor-licensed small charter vehicles to consume alcohol,” Mr Waldron said.


    “The amendment to the Act will allow regulations to be introduced so that passengers of small charter vehicle operators who don’t have a liquor licence will still be able to enjoy a glass of champagne without fear of breaking the law.


    “This means a bride being driven to her wedding does not need to hire a liquor-licensed limousine in order for her and the bridal party to enjoy a glass of champagne.”


    The Minister said the situation would work similarly to an unlicensed restaurant.


    “When you go into an unlicensed restaurant, you are welcome to bring your own alcohol, assuming the owner permits it,” he said.


    “The same principle will apply to small charter vehicle owners who do not wish to hold a liquor licence but would like their passengers to enjoy a drink.”


    The amendment only relates to BYO alcohol and it remains an offence for a small charter operator to sell or supply liquor to their passengers without the appropriate liquor licence.


    Mr Waldron said the new rule would not apply when juveniles hired a small charter vehicle and would apply exclusively to SCV’s.


    “Regulations will define the size or capacity of these vehicles, but it should be noted there is no intention to include buses in this exemption,” he said.


    The amendment will be introduced during the current sitting of State Parliament.


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