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Hendy Cowan

    Murray Criddle

      New 'world-class' Goldfields and Avon trains move closer

      Thursday, 7 December 2000

          Deputy Premier and Acting Transport Minister Hendy Cowan announced today that A Goninan and Co Ltd had been awarded the contract to build the new Prospector and AvonLink trains.

          Two two-car trains and one three-car train are to be built for the Prospector run between Kalgoorlie and Perth, with one two-car train for the commuter AvonLink service between Northam and Midland.

          “In awarding this contract, the overriding consideration has been the need to provide the highest quality transport possible for country communities and I am confident that this has been achieved,” Mr Cowan said.

          “The new Prospector train will provide people from the Goldfields and intermediate communities the opportunity to travel to and from Perth in world-class comfort, while enjoying on-board facilities including personal air conditioning controls, personal music channels, power points for lap-top computers and telephone and facsimile access. The train will also be fitted with special facilities for people with disabilities.

          “Driver-cam video screens will provide passengers with a view from the driver’s cab of the track ahead, a ‘first’ for trains in Western Australia.

          “There will be a strong emphasis on security, with video surveillance cameras a safety feature of the train.”

          Mr Cowan said the new AvonLink train would set new standards for inter-urban commuter services, providing a reliable high frequency service between Northam and Midland. It would provide passengers with a direct link to the City and the metropolitan area via Transperth’s bus and electric trains services.

          “The new AvonLink train will have the very latest on-board facilities suited to commuter travel, including power point connections for lap-top computers, piped music and video surveillance equipment. The train will also have special facilities for people with disabilities similar to the new Prospector,” the Minister said.

          “The new AvonLink and Prospector train services are expected to be operating by early 2003 and should meet passenger demand for the next 20 years.”

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