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Hon Liza Harvey MLA

    WA records low road toll

    Wednesday, 1 January 2014
    • Western Australian’s road toll for 2013 was 163, one of the lowest since records were kept
    • Critical injuries for 2013 was 206
    • Double demerits remain in place in WA until midnight January 5

    Western Australia has recorded one of its lowest road death tolls with 163 people killed on WA roads in 2013.


    Police and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said that while all road deaths were absolutely tragic, the improved figure was a positive sign.


    But she said history showed that we simply could not be complacent.


    “The lowest was in 2005 and the following year was a very bad one on the roads, so my message is that we need to remain vigilant about road safety,” the Minister said.


    “We must always remember that while we talk about road deaths and serious injuries in terms of numbers, the reality is that these are people who have families who are left to deal with pain and suffering.”


    Mrs Harvey said the statistics released today also showed a reduction in the number of critical injuries as a result of a crash.


    That figure has dropped from 288 in 2010 to 206 in 2013.


    “My new year’s resolution for all West Australians is to look out for yourselves and for friends and family when it comes to getting behind the wheel,” she added.


    The Minister also took the opportunity to remind everyone that double demerits remained in force until midnight January 5.


           Fact File

    • Weekends remained particularly dangerous times with 34.9% of fatal crashes occurring on Saturdays and Sundays
    • In metropolitan WA, 30% of fatalities were motorcycle riders or passengers. State-wide, 18.5% of fatalities were motorcycle riders or passengers
    • For information on road safety go to

    Minister’s office - 6552 5900