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Murray Criddle

    Details for a two-way dedicated bus transitway in the Kwinana Freeway median unveiled

    Thursday, 21 October 1999

    Transport Minister Murray Criddle today unveiled details for a two-way dedicated bus transitway in the Kwinana Freeway median from the Perth Busport to the Murdoch Park and Ride facility at South Street.

    Mr Criddle said the major public transport initiative would be completed by 2005 and provide southern suburbs commuters with a world-class rapid transit system to and from the city.

    “The two-way bus transitway is part of the State Government’s commitment to improving the public transport system and will be a boon to southern suburbs passengers who have previously only enjoyed a northbound priority run into the city,” he said.

    “The transitway will reduce bus travel times into and out of the city and should be a welcome incentive for people to use public transport as an alternative to private car travel to work.

    “By 2007 we expect an estimated 6,000 passengers will be carried in these lanes during the morning peak hour alone, equalling the number of motorists using the adjacent three freeway lanes for cars during the same period.

    “A feature of the system will be a passenger interchange at Canning Highway where patrons can transfer to and from Canning Highway buses to Kwinana Freeway buses in both directions.”

    Mr Criddle said the ultimate facility would have special bus only access and egress ramps at Canning Highway, Leach Highway and South Street.

    The $105 million facility is a priority project funded by the TransformWA program and will be built in two stages.

    The first stage comprises a $31 million 5.9km section in the freeway median from Richardson Street to Canning Highway with a special transit facility at Canning Bridge.

    Construction of stage one is expected to commence around September 2000 with completion in late 2001. These works will include reconstruction of the Comer, Preston, Thelma and Cale streets pedestrian bridges.

    Mr Criddle said the Narrows Bridge duplication now under construction and due for completion in November 2000, would provide the bus transitway crossing of the Swan River.

    Public information on the transitway project will be available within two weeks from the City of South Perth office, the South Perth and Melville public libraries, local MP Phil Pendal’s office, or by phoning Barrow Emerson, Manager Transit Planning on 9320 9498.

    Media contact: Doug Cunningham on 9321 7333