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Graham Kierath

    Two Fremantle conservation projects to share Heritage Grants Program funding

    Monday, 11 October 1999

    Two conservation projects in Fremantle will share $19,300 in the third round of the Heritage Grants Program, Heritage Minister Graham Kierath announced today.

    Mr Kierath said the grants would be used to fund conservation plans of the Marich Building and the Chamber of Commerce Building in Fremantle.

    The grants are part of the State Government’s four-year $4 million Heritage Grants Program, administered by the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

    Mr Kierath said the average grant allocation was $14,668.

    “For the third year in a row, the response to this grants program was overwhelming and more than 200 applications were received seeking $7.2 million for conservation plans and works,” he said.

    “The Heritage Council could easily have justified allocating about $6 million in works to places of importance to WA.

    “Unfortunately, the committee looking at the grant applications had to make some extremely difficult decisions.”

    Priority was given to urgent works, especially projects where it was essential to keep water out of - or away from - buildings and also to projects where stabilisation works were urgently needed.

    Mr Kierath said the Chamber of Commerce Building has been the central and symbolic focus of commerce in the Fremantle area since its inception in 1873.

    “In elevation, the building is very typical of the period and its retention is essential to maintain the scale and character of Phillimore Street,” he said.

    “At present the Marich Building is the only derelict building in the west end of Fremantle. Restoration of the building would lend initiative to others to revitalise an area which has been severely neglected for years”.

    The Heritage Grants Program Assessment Committee included members of the Heritage Council, regional areas, the WA Municipal Association, the National Trust and professionals with relevant experience.

    Other projects to receive grants are:
    • Chamber of Commerce Building, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, conservation plan, $4,300; and -
    • Marich Building, Dunross Enterprises, conservation plan, $15,000.

    Media contact: Steve Manchee (08) 9213 6400