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Hon Troy Buswell BEc MLA

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    Leading mathematician crowned 2009 WA Scientist of the Year

    Wednesday, 2 December 2009

    Science and Innovation Minister Troy Buswell today announced Winthrop Professor Cheryl Praeger as Scientist of the Year at the 2009 Western Australian Science Awards.


    Professor Praeger, WA’s most highly-cited pure mathematician, leads a major research team in Group Theory and Combinatorics at The University of Western Australia.


    Mr Buswell said Professor Praeger was a leading international researcher, renowned for her works in group theory, algebraic graph theory and combinatorics.


    “Professor Praeger’s work has resulted in findings that have led to new thought being adopted by mathematicians worldwide,” he said.


    “I would like to congratulate her and all the winners of the Western Australian Science Awards for their strong contribution and commitment to advancing science in WA.


    “These awards help to promote science research, development and facilitation by recognising and rewarding the achievements of the State’s scientists, researchers, science teachers and facilitators of science outreach programs.”


    World leading ophthalmic surgeon, Professor Ian Constable was named the 2009 WA Science Hall of Fame inductee.


    “Professor Constable is the founder of the Lions Eye Institute and, under his guidance, the institute has delivered ground-breaking discoveries and developments in eye research, including the LEI artificial cornea, which is granting sight to people all around the world,” the Minister said.


    “He was also instrumental in his role as chair of the science advisory councils to the State Government in recommending funding priorities and establishing the WA Energy Research Alliance, the Western Australian Marine Science Institution and the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.” 


    A PDF document listing the Science Awards winners is attached.


    Minister's office - 9222 9111